Sweet + Rich Chocolate Premium Dessert Sauce Sunday Night Foods


Fresh brownie flavor with sweet hints of butter, vanilla, and caramel.

Sweet + Rich Chocolate sauce tastes just like fresh, homemade brownies, with warm cocoa flavors from the world’s best chocolate. We elevated this pantry staple into a velvety, gourmet sauce with a pure chocolate flavor and hints of butter and vanilla. Our Sweet + Rich sauce is universally loved by all ages.

Sunday Night Foods is a local brand, founded by Des Moines native (and award winning baker) Eileen Gannon. 

What makes this sauce so special?

Sunday Night sauces are made with only the finest pure ingredients, which means they can easily become the heart of your desserts. More than just for ice cream (although they are FABULOUS on ice cream), think of these sauces as your go-to dessert maker. With just a few more ingredients, these sauces can be transformed into whatever you desire.

Founder and CEO Eileen Gannon is opening her award-winning recipe box and sharing her culinary secrets (that have never been shared before!). Click here to check out her recipes and elevate your baking game.