Starting my own retail business has been a dream for more than a decade. I always thought this was something I would pursue when my boys graduated from college, but life’s twists and turns brought me here sooner than anticipated. In December of 2019, I stepped away from a 21-year career as a marketing executive. I was faced with two choices: stay in the corporate world or write my next chapter and follow my dream. With the support of family, I chose the dream.

I attribute my success in marketing to grit, gut instinct and not being afraid to take a risk. I am taking those qualities (along with my passion for creativity and delivering memorable experiences) and pouring them into this venture.

Why a gift giving business?

I love giving a thoughtful gift paired with the perfect card, but that takes time.  As a busy working mom, I know good intentions can be stifled by reality. I would often find myself in a panic prior to birthdays, baby showers or one of the many “hallmark” holidays that pop up throughout the year. I would have grand ideas, but no time to implement. End result, something tossed in a gift bag paired with a card from the grocery store.

I want Happy DSM to fill that gap.

Amy Hilmes, Owner
Happy DSM, LLC