JKH Fine Art Keep Going 14.5 oz Soy Candle


JKH Fine Art Candle Collaboration: Keep Going

  • Scent Notes: Peony + Pink Pepper + Sandalwood
  • 14.5 oz
  • 50+ hours of burn time
  • Hand poured locally
  • Reuse the vessel for a pencil jar or flower vase

15% of this purchase supports the National Alliance on Mental Illness. 

My niece Jackie Hilmes is an amazing human being who also happens to be a very talented artist. I believe the world needs to know about her artwork, so I asked her to collaborate on this special project. Each candle in the JKH Fine Art Collection features a snapshot from an original painting. 

Candle Name: “Keep Going”

Title of Art: “The Shallows”

Artwork Information: 24" x 36" | Oil and oil pastel on canvas. 

A Word From the Artist: 

I have struggled the majority of my life with anxiety and depression. In the last two years, with the ongoing pandemic, the death of friends and family members, isolation, uncertainty, heartbreak, and a move, I slowly slipped into a giant depressive chapter in my life. 

Depression suffocated everything, I wasn't at my easel for months. This is the first painting I made as I was slowly emerging from this chapter. It was the first time I felt like myself in a very long time.  If you look closely there’s a message in the painting:  “Keep Going.” This was a mantra for myself during this time, and continues to be a reminder for me everyday.

Artwork in a private collection in West Des Moines, Iowa.