Iowa State Parks


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This beautiful photobook is a great gift for any Iowan. It is guaranteed to inspire a road trip (or two) to explore our state parks, recreation areas and preserves.

Paperback. 288 pages. 

More about the book:

"In 1920, Iowa dedicated its first two state parks. In the century since, the Iowa State Parks system has evolved into a broad array of lands and waters that represent a legacy of tireless stewardship. Iowa State Parks commemorates the origins of our state parks and the riches they offer in the present.

The photo essays at the heart of this book feature the artistry of well-known nature photographers such as Carl Kurtz, Brian Gibbs, Don Poggensee, and Larry Stone. The images help tell the stories of Iowa’s state parks, recreation areas, preserves, and forests.

A his­torical overview sets the stage, followed by essays on key aspects of our park system."