Happy Halloween Drake (GF/V)



This gift box for your student will be delivered in a natural brown kraft box with Halloween themed packaging. Click through the images below to see the individual products. 

Delivery for this box will occur the week of October 25th. 

This box is gluten free and vegan. 

Items included:

  • 1 Bag of Almost Famous Vegan & Gluten Free Cheese Corn 
  • Assorted Vegan/Gluten Free Candy
    *This product is not pictured. I will purchase in October based on order volume. 
  • $10 Gift Card to Drake Neighborhood Restaurant
    *Restaurant subject to change. Guaranteed to be within the Drake Neighborhood. 
  • 1 Box Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies (6.3 oz size) 
  • Bundle of Halloween Napkins (10)
  • 1 Can of Clean Sheet Spray
    If they haven't done the laundry in awhile...at least it will smell like they have! ;)