JKH Fine Art Moody Blues 14.5 oz Soy Candle


JKH Fine Art Candle Collaboration: Moody Blues

  • Scent Notes: Mandarin + Sea Salt + Vetiver
  • 14.5 oz
  • 50+ hours of burn time
  • Hand poured locally
  • Reuse the vessel for a pencil jar or flower vase

15% of this purchase supports the National Alliance on Mental Illness. 

My niece Jackie Hilmes is an amazing human being who also happens to be a very talented artist. I believe the world needs to know about her artwork, so I asked her to collaborate on this special project. Each candle in the JKH Fine Art Collection features a snapshot from an original painting. 

Candle Name: “Moody Blues”

Title of Art: “Until you Burst”

Artwork Information: 21" x 48" | Mixed media (oil paint, oil pastel, ink, graphite) on unstretched canvas.

A Word From the Artist:

This painting marks a chapter of big change. I had just made some major life choices about jobs and relationships and taking a chance on myself that felt scary but true. So many things changed at once that filled me with doubt and anxiety, but the fruits of those choices eventually brought me to a season where I felt completely in stride with my life. I felt very happy.

To me, this work expresses the peaks that come after valleys. When life feels dark, it's hard to remember there is also light, and we know the way even when we think we don’t. I wanted to remember this particular peak and the overwhelming wholeheartedness that came along with it.

Artwork remains in my personal collection.